Selling Houses

Probably yes, but they may run down a riser in a communal area instead.

Does it say in your current leasehold agreement?

Maybe take photos of where the pipes run and ask your solicitor.

Gonna need to dig out all the old paperwork arent I?

Fucking hell I am never selling our flat.


I’m just grateful I’m not also buying anywhere straight away :scream:

Oh yeah. I wouldn’t attempt to fill in a form like this without the paperwork in front of you.

What may seem logical when looking at it in person might actually be totally wrong if an alternative arrangement has been outlined in the legal docs.

It’s a complete nightmare. I’m feeling edgy just reading these questions again

Next question, we’re almost there.

  1. if my mains water is by Thames Water then my sewerage is probably the same?

  2. by cable do they mean old school cable or are they asking about my virgin broadband?

Cable as in Virgin/NTL etc I would imagine.
For the sewerage, check your water bill, it’s often not the same company as your water supplier, although you pay on one bill.

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  1. Probably the same, but check your water bill. You will pay to a single company, but the sewerage may be via another.
  2. This will mean Virgin broadband.
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Second last: I don’t have my insurance certificate. The freeholder (the council) will have it, am I expected to contact them for it? Don’t even know who to speak to.

Yes - you’ll need to ask them to forward a copy to you unfortunately.

Yes. In an ideal world they will have this on file and it will be easily accessible…

EDIT: Who sends you the service charge invoice? That’s who to contact first.

And the last one:

??? I’ve never had a phone but a presume there’s the capability? There’s a satellite dish outside that I’ll be leaving but don’t think it’s functional. Radio aerial!!!

Good point marckee.

For those you know you have, tick included, and if need be put (unknown if functional) or something similar under comments.

For the phone, have a quick hunt for a BT socket around the place.

Do you have a master phone socket anywhere within the property? One that looks like this:

What’s so odd about a radio aerial? Most fitted TV aerials will be TV/FM ones these days.

Ah, so I’ll most likely have a radio aerial then? Just never considered it a thing.

And for the phone socket I have this. Lollll

An FM radio aerial is usually a ‘dipole’ type. That sits next to, or within a TV aerial.

Like this:

Oh yeah of course. Yeah there’s one of them but I doubt I actually own it.

Thanks everyone, you’ve been brilliant. I’ll most likely be back over the next few months with more questions.