Selling my car


So I’ve made a stylish and classy video:

This is the actual advert:

Tell your friends if they’re in the market for this exact car. Thanks.


nice video


Day and night mode :grinning:


If it was two grand cheaper and three months ago, I’d have snapped your hand off for this.


One month ago it was 5 grand cheaper, because it wasn’t working :grin:


Damnit. Missed out on a bargain!


Why is “READ A BOOK!” making me laugh a lot.


Well I hope this works out! Great advert.


Thanks. I’m not sure whether I should add the video link to the Autotrader as, thinking that should stay serious.



Top notch work here, proper LOL when the multicoloured text came in.


You absolutely should. It can’t have a negative effect.


Is this…sarcastic?


No! There’s no downside. Can you think of a potential downside?


Suppose I’m worried about people not taking the car sale seriously?


I mean if you’re literally putting it on an autotrader advert for selling your car it’s pretty srs right? Do it, this is great and it’s hard to make a car stand out. Hated trawling autotrader for endless car ads that blur into one, you’ve nowt to lose


:smiley: :smiley:


I’ve watched this video twice

I don’t need a car

But I want THIS car.

(Can’t even drive mate)


Really enjoying that it’s parked slightly outside the space.


Are you the guy whose car died and needed thousands doing to it? Probably not as that’s a Ford Focus, but…nice try Del Boy!


Yep. £2.5k it cost me. All done, good as new, buy the damn car.