Selling my CDs. £2 - £5 each

low low postage fees!.
Will be adding more daily.


Do you have maybe a jam or a nut butter recipe as a sweetner?

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I totally get this!

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I don’t get it but I am a fan of Waitrose Luxury Orange Curd.

CDs??? you ought to be paying us to take them hahaha

would you mind copying some of the songs and then emailing them to me?

I haven’t had any curd for fucking ages.

Will remedy this soon.

I remember our skint christmas where we tried to make a clementine curd to give people as a homemade present. Everyone got a little jar of orange flavoured scrambled egg with a ribbon round it.

Father-in-law gamely spread some on a cracker.

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This sounds pretty amazing, to be fair.

It really wasn’t

I am impervious to your cynicism


Gorky’s thanks you for your custom.