Selling on Discogs Question

Just had a request from someone in Italy who wants to buy a couple of 7” records.

Has anyone sold anything to anyone in the EU recently? I’m aware a lot of UK labels are fucked when it comes to EU sales, is this likely to be the same for a Discogs sale?


not sure what you mean? you just need to fill out a customs form

I guess this is the sort of thing I’m after. Where do I get one of those and is there likely to be coats to the buyer that might mean they reject the parcel?

nah you just post it as normal and they’ll give you a little form to fill in that they stick on the parcel.
small chance they’ll get some customs charge at their end but for a couple of 7"s doesn’t seem that likely. i always put the value as lower than what they’re worth on the form just in case.

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Tidy. Thanks.

Isn’t it more… complicated than that when you sell overseas on Discogs? There’s been chat about it recently in one of the vinyl threads but I can’t remember which one! There are definitely some people on here who sell on there from UK > EU so I’m sure someone will pick this up.

What an entirely useless response :grin:

Hi there. I live in Italy and use discogs. Apols for the long post, there’s a few things to take into account.

First is nothing to do specifically with discogs but around November/December Royal Mail had an Italy specific software problem that messed up (nearly) all deliveries to Italy. I got an email from boomkat on Friday saying they’d had my order sent Dec 3rd returned to them and would be sending it again. I’ve had another couple of items sent around the same time never arrive. Afaik this has now been resolved but this is just for info really as you may see a lot of discogs comments about post to Italy not being reliable.

When it comes to discogs what will happen now is discogs will charge and take directly from the payment a vat charge on the record + shipping cost. So say the record is £20 and shipping £10, they’ll get billed an extra £6 (20% of £30).

You’ll need to fill out a customs form at the post office but this doesn’t negate vat and handling fees at the other end. That’s because we no longer have a reciprocal tax agreement so the fact that vat has been paid in the UK is irrelevant. So they’ll almost certainly have to pay vat and handling fee. Occasionally things get through without but it’s pure luck if that happens. Assume they will be charged and make it clear in your discogs terms it is their responsibility to pay.

Another consideration is that even with the Royal Mail issue sorted the shipping can now be insanely slow. Parcels can just get held at the UK depot for weeks and then again in Milan when it gets to Italy. So just be sure you make it clear shipping can be very slow (occasionally it can be really quick but that’s the exception not the norm).

So you can see why most discogs sellers aren’t bothering with UK/EU trade anymore but if they are prepared to pay and wait no reason not to sell.

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Sold a bunch of stuff early December, for some EU folk they’ve only just started to arrive now. Heavy customs delays going on at the moment.

It’s changed now but pretty sure Royal Mail were saying a couple of weeks ago to avoid shipping to Italy.

Banquet Records have stopped shipping to a number of EU countries until delays have slowed down.

As @zanimos says, buyers will pay VAT on Discogs automatically. You can follow the Discogs rules of filling out the forms and printing the tax docs, etc, but if it’s low value I’d personally just mark it as a gift and warn them it could take 1-2 months to arrive.

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Haven’t got a great deal more to add - but would concur with what’s already been said. I used to sell quite an bit to the EU via eBay and they also started adding VAT to the invoice at the end of last year.

Sent a CD to Italy at the start of Dec with proof of postage (but not registered delivery). Buyer raised a case for non arrival over Xmas and wasn’t interested in discussing any possible reasons for delay like customs or Xmas delays and eBay reimbursed them automatically. Can only assume they have eventually received it.

To be fair to Royal Mail I raised a case with them and they reimbursed me for the majority of the (although not the VAT so I’m still out of pocket). But have decided to stop any EU sales until things sort themselves out. And if I were selling anything to the EU I’d definitely recommend having tracking.

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