Selling prints of your own art

Has anyone done this? My wife is looking to start selling prints of her work (mostly watercolour and pen) and we’ve no idea where to start.

Looking at trying to get stalls at local art fairs, which seems relatively straightforward (we’re in Glasgow). But the point we’re not sure about is how to digitise the art and get prints made.

We’re probably looking at a local art digitisation place, then some sort of online printing, to prints and cards, but not sure if that’s the right route to go down.

Anyone done this and have any advice?

I may be connecting some dots incorrectly here, but I think @Steved has been printing his own art lately so he may have some advice (sorry if I’ve got that wrong!)

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Think it was @Mistersteve

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Not prints but I started making jewellery on etsy and there is a lot of planning that needs to go into it. Finding name for the shop, even if its just name’s prints or prints by name, so you can set about with your marketing. Using social media helps and etsy is a good platform for fuss free selling. Finding prints suppliers and thinking about your model and costings, is it print to order or you’ll have stock set aside? If its the first then getting a good printer is a good idea, if its the second then using a print shop is a good idea. You have to think about pricing too, and maybe start out with a few items then build on that if its successful. Christmas is in 5 months so thinking about Christmas gifts is a good idea too

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Oops!! Ta

If you want the printing, shipping, orders etc to be handled for you, Society6 and RedBubble are the places Ms Z’s listed her work. Be aware they take a hefty chunk of the sale price though.

If you’re able to deal with the ordering then As @avocado says, Etsy is a decent place to start. It’s competitive but fair.

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Theres probably other places but there’s the Glasgow Print Studio on Trongate.

It was me, but I never got to printing anything. Not enough interest (no interest).

I basically make stuff, put it on Instagram, and my fiancée gives me a like. Thoroughly depressing.


A true artist


Same. I’ve had some success shifting things where I gave all the money to charity. But even half of that ended up in the shed.

Well worth bending the ear of these nice local folks:


What sort of run would you have to do?