Selling Stuff Online (Rolling)

I’m currently selling loads of stuff online and I fucking hate it.

I’ve never worked in retail, and realise I definitely do not have the skillset for it.

One recent revelation that came to me and made me realise how out of touch I was is that Facebook Marketplace is far better than Gumtree these days (in Brisvegas at least). Who knew?



The minorest of irks

I’ve only ever sold single items at a time and usually things like guitar equipment where there’s a niche audience who know roughly how much stuff is worth. Doing an online yard sale sounds hellish!

If it’s any consolation, I went through a stage of giving stuff away on Freecycle. I stopped because people were generally really ungrateful for stuff I was giving away for free. Rude!


I sell a fair bit through eBay and it’s honestly a nightmare. People sending really low offers and getting offended when you won’t sell. Also, I can only post at weekends, and because of Amazon some people get REALLY irate when they don’t get things in 24 hours.



Going to sell a load of board games soon and I’m dreading it.

Selling guitar stuff has been fine, but I’ve not done it often enough for the dickheads to really make themselves known.

Don’t think I’ve ever sold anything online before…buy lots off gumtree though. One thing that irks me is when people try and sell stuff for ridiculously high prices, like “6 month old sofa, bought for £1500, sell for £1300” or some shit. Really annoys me for some reason.
Recent buys have been 60 zx spectrum games for £20, playmobil pirate ship £10, Coffee table I ‘up-cycled’ for £50.

Everyone’s a wally

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One happy story to come out of all this is that I Googled the details of our portable radiator yesterday, ready to list it, only to find it was part of a product recall!

Apparently we were at risk of it exploding and spraying hot oil everywhere when we used it, but on the plus side, we got all of our money back!

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Are you selling anything that would fit in beautifully in my suburban Brisbane Queenslander?

You tell me

I had someone getting huffy about having to carry a perfectly good bicycle down one flight of stairs from my flat. FFS.

On FB marketplace I keep getting messages from people interested in the item and then the person goes quiet. It’s involved a lot of wasted time.

Unfortunately (fortunately for you) the items I would consider are already under offer. However I’ll check if any of my mates want some cheap IKEA furniture/a tv/ a car as you never know

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and I never heard from him again

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Very kind, thanks

Exactly that. What’s up with people?!??!?!

when I moved out of an old flat we were going from a non-furnished flat to a furnished flat so needed to get rid of a load of stuff, got rid of most on ebay but was such a hassle. one guy bought my spare bed and said he’d come and collect it about five times but every time cancelled at the last minute, so I told him to do one and threw the bed in a skip (someone removed it from the skip for themselves within 5 mins).

another guy had a total meltdown because the old TV that I sold him for like £10 didn’t work properly after a couple of days, was happy to give him a refund but he went about the whole thing in such a dickish way, claimed I’d intentionally sold it to him broken just to con him rather than it being a 10 year old TV that was shit.

reckon if I moved again I’d just throw any spare stuff away or give it to charity or whatever, too much effort.