Selling stuff

Hi all.

I’m moving house in two weeks, and before I pack I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t need any more (CDs, DVDs, books, etc.). Not all of them, because I like having stuff like that, but it doesn’t make sense to keep hoarding things I’ll never listen to/watch/read again/don’t want around.

In an ideal world I’ld just give these things to charity, but I am broke as fuck and would actually like to get some money, however little, if I can. Where would be best to do this? Can’t be arsed ebaying everything. All I can think is to take it all into CeX (the media shit), but I hate the idea of being that guy who turns up with bags of shit for them to go through.

Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, clothes too. Charity or bin for those though, I’m not mental.

Music Magpie isn’t bad - dead quick and they provide you a prepaid postage label. You get pennies for a lot of stuff but occasional surprises yield a few quid and it does add up. You can also use your phone to scan the barcodes so it takes really the minimal amount of effort.

They also take practically everything whereas I once took 30 DVDs into CeX and they rejected 29 of them. Humbling day.


CEX will give you next to nothing for them but will take it off your hands.

Music Magpie or one of those sites, similarly will give you very little but you avoid turning up at a shop with bags that way.

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you can also get a quote from MM before you accept the offer which removes the social awkwardness of lumbering into CeX with bags full of stuff and being offered 27p.


I am obscenely lazy and bad with money, and Music Magpie appeals to both aspects of my personality. Use them if you can’t be arsed with the hassle, it’s fine.

Recycle clothes that aren’t fit for the chazza shop also, our big Tesco has a donation point, sure many do.

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Pro-tip - if they do offer you a few quid for a CD/DVD then have a look how much they’re going for an ebay. You might have a handful of things worth going through the hassle of selling them on there for. A mix of the two is the sweet spot in the money/hassle ratio for me.


sage advice - I put one DVD boxset into Music Magpie and they offered me a surprisingly generous £7 so I looked on eBay and it was worth around £80. It’s a good way to conduct quick market research.


Nice one, everybody. I reckon most of the stuff still worth a few bob I’ll want to keep anyway, but I’ll have a scout around. I’ve got a DJ Shadow CD box set thing that seems to hover around £300, but that’s my rainy day fund (plus it’s awesome, so it’d be a very reluctant sale).

I have taken to buying woefully underpriced branded clothes from the charity shops where I work and selling them on eBay for mad profits. I offset the guilt by using that money to buy clothes for myself from those very charity shops.

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Branded clothes often retain more value than media stuff.

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Yeah, I definitely will. It hadn’t occurred to me so thanks for the reminder.

if it helps, the charity shop may be aware that it’s underpriced compared to ebay and may not mind you selling it on. (when you say “where i work” i’m taking that to mean near your workplace rather than ones you work in!)

when i worked in a charity shop we had a customer who was selling designer menswear on ebay professionally (or at least as a sideline). the charity could put stuff on ebay itself but it had to be done centrally and the shop wouldn’t be credited with the profit. so between that and the admin costs of sending something to a central place and someone there ebaying it, it made more sense to flog stuff to this bloke and let him do the work. we used to reserve stuff for when he came in because it could only be on sale for 2 weeks on the shop floor and might not sell.

pricing was done by the manager or an experienced volunteer following guidelines so the chances of something being accidentally underpriced were low.

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have a good look through your CDs, you’d be surprised what certain ones might fetch on Discogs

So a while back I grabbed some DVDs from my mum’s house with the intention of eBaying them. Obvs I haven’t done this, and as I’m in the process of moving I need shot of them.

Plan was to take them to the Oxfam near my work, but I thought I’d give Music Magpie a shot.

Rejected all but 4 of them (a pair of Manics ones, a Rage Against the Machine one, and a Nine Inch Nails one), and offered me a grand total of £2.13 for those ones.

Off to the chazza they all go.

Tried Music Magpie for all of my CDs but at least half of them came up with “we’re not taking that one right now” or similar bullshit so I ended up just giving them all away on Gumtree for free. About 500 of them.

Don’t know if that was a glitch on the site on that day or something but soon into the process I realised I absolutely couldn’t be fucked with it.

what kind of condition were the rejected ones in?

All as new, it was just from the barcode scanner they got rejected, guess they just have too many copies or whatever.

That’s good to know. Yes, I work in West Hampstead and the high street is full of superb charity shops. Spend most my lunchtime in them

Looking at moving again in a few months, my book shelves have been pretty winnowed down now, but I still have two Benno towers full of CDs, and haven’t had a way to play them for the whole year I’ve lived here (and obviously haven’t missed them at all). But struggling with the idea of throwing them all away.

Last move I put all my DVDs into a big wallet thing, which was fine, could do that again I suppose…