Selling tech in CEX

Replaced my phone and tablet recently. Both the old ones still work, and the CEX website indicates they’ll give me cash money for them.

What’s the protocol though? Do I factory-reset them first, or do they need to see stuff in action to make sure it isn’t duff? Do I need the boxes? Does it matter that I replaced the plug on my old tablet because the original was terrible and two pins snapped off in my bag?

This thread inspired by my desire to avoid having to ask a member of staff these questions because it would involve going into CEX twice.

Factory reset them. Just saves them a bit of time in the test. Won’t need a box. Sold loads to them over the years.



unless they’ve changed how it worked since i sold them a few phones, pretty sure you’ll need to go twice anyway, once to drop the stuff off and once after they’ve tested it to either get the money/credit or take the stuff back. think it took an hour or two, something like that.


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Ah, great. I wasn’t assuming they just handed over cash without checking so that’s really helpful to know, thanks.

Do you need to take ID or proof of address or anything?

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looks like you do:

have to be a full member to sell phones etc., and have to have ID stuff to be a full member

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Probably could have checked that one myself (thank)

Although I was planning to do this next week when I’m staying at my girlfriend’s in Edinburgh so I feel personally attacked by the extra bureaucracy here


Wouldn’t do it. They are tight af. I know it’s extra hassle but you can sell the same things on ebay for like 50% more.

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And yes, factory reset but they will need to test that shit.

CeX are tight as fuck but it is a lot easier. Tell them Steve sent you, they’ll know what it means.

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