Semblance by Forma

Has anyone listened to this yet? Absolutely love it. So much detail in the mix/production - really unique.

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It’s on my to-do list. Getting a lot of love from the electronic twitter community. Really liked their S/T album from checks 7 years ago(!) but haven’t listened to subsequent releases.

Oof that flute in Rebreather :ok_hand:

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Yeah, it’s absolute class. Every track on this album is absolute class.

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I also love the way the kick comes in in the first track, Crossings.

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I’m enjoying it a lot so far, plus it’s mixed by Rafael Anton Irisarri too, and he can do no wrong!


I’d love to know more about how this album was produced.

Thanks for this recommendation as I appear to have been rinsing this for the last few weeks. Heading into my list of year end greats I think.

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No probs, yes it’s a great album. Will be in my list for sure.

Incidentally, if you’ve not listened to them, Matmos have a lot of overlap with Cut-up (which I appreciate is out of keeping with the rest of the album).

Cool thanks for that, I’ll give them a listen. I’ve not heard of Matmos.

Try “The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast” or “A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure” though I think a lot of their discography is pretty well regarded…

Cool, that’s my journey home listening sorted! Thanks dude - will report back…

Just listening now, and I remember these guys from a year or so back as it goes. I listened to a couple of their albums after reading a review on RA and meant to return but completely forgot. Good stuff!

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