Sender Has Requested A Read Reciept

Good luck to them because now I’m not even replying on principle.


oh oh, here we go again!!!*
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Office cop behaviour


‘I’ve got the read receipts!’

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think high importance flag is more interesting…
Is this flag for me because you don’t think I will even read the email otherwise? Or because you think I will read it but not be able to evaluate the risk of what you are telling me? Or is it flagged high importance because it is important to you, or important to me? Or important to the business we work in? But then if it is business level, don’t we need some standard of what is classed as ‘High Importance’ because otherwise we are working to an entirely subjective importance scale, implemented by an individuals personal assessment of what is or isn’t important?


Good way to make yourself hated by all your colleagues.


Read receipts are rightly absolutely intrusive bullshit where it’s none of the business of the sender when it’s been read / opened exactly.

What I don’t understand is why chat systems (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) have normalised read receipts and that people are just fine with it and accept that’s how these things work. It’s not! It’s fucking weird! At least with some of the services you can manually switch it off, but it should never be the default.


Anybody would think they’re trying to increase usage by making messages difficult to ignore


Quite like the High Importance flag because it shows you kind of douchebag who thinks their thing should be the most important to YOU but it’s not important enough to THEM to just talk to you about it. An easy way to deprioritise requests from that person forever.

read the receipts. read them and understand them.


I perfer using the “Low Importance” flag for most of my emails and then not use it when it’s something urgent.

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Oh you’ve cc’d in my boss. Haha good luck getting anything done ever again


A woman I hooked up with one night at uni sent me an SMS the next day with a read receipt. An SMS with a read receipt on a Nokia phone.

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I used to read the low importance/“cake in the usual place” emails first than anything red flagged.

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no one else in my office has ever used low importance but I love it precisely because I expect people to read them first


I have an absolute High Importance fanatic at my work (which is a school). She high importances everything so I’ve taken to, in a very passive aggressive way, just high importancing back my banal replies.

HIGH IMPORTANCE: check the GCSE entries are correct and let me know instantly if you spot any problems.
HIGH IMPORTANCE: yeah, these look fine.

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My company’s email system decides automatically what to mark as high importance, and in practice it’s nearly everything (I’ve not cleared my inbox yet after a week’s holiday and literally every email in my inbox is marked as high importance), so it’s more noticeable when something isn’t high importance

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If you guys really didn’t care it wouldn’t’ bother you. I don’t even know when they’re there or not.

tell you what

this little fella has saved my ass many many times now


god bless


I just wish it was easier to recall a message