Sensational Sunday 😎

Hello my pretties!

Bit of work…going to see if my laptop will work in the garden
Plant some more radish after my first bumper crop

How about you?


Morning! I am just getting dressed to take a load 9f stuff to the dump. Had a coffee and raring to go!

Spent yesterday painting garden furniture so will get that finished today and then the deck will get sorted out fully and be ready. Exciting.


Oh and my bleached hair now has my darker roots coming in and it looks great.

Best decision I’ve made in years.


At my parents. Gonna have a nice bath, make me mam and me some breakfast, go up the garden and see the frogs, have a walk and take the horses some carrots, then it’s back off to Nottingham to see it coming home


Absolutely shattered. Can’t remember the last time I had a solid 8 hours. Bairns!!!

Looks like the final day of decent weather up here for a while. Heading to sister’s later to let cousins play and watch the football.

So excited about Scotland’s game tomorrow. Pity I have to work but I’ll be watching it somehow.


Kids are nonsense. It is great once they hit 13/14 and you get to drag them out of bed, sweet revenge drawing the curtains to shine that sun on their face.


“Come on! You’re wasting the day!”

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Borrowing a kayak off a mate this morning, and heading out on the Medway with the kids.

Building a pizza oven this afternoon.

Currently still in bed and don’t want to get up though.


Morning all :wave:


  • military operation to get us out of the house (underway)
  • beach
  • picnic lunch
  • probably get back for some of the football
  • pre-week admin bits

Gorgeous isn’t it? :sunny:


¡Buenos dias!

Plan for today: Lawn mowing, football watching and barbecueing.

Wow it’s nice

I’m really tired - did my drinking early yesterday then ate all the food and fell asleep. Woke up loads / early cos of booze and heat

Need to do some work at some point cos my brain was really not cooperating Thursday/ Friday. Was going to get that out of the way 1st but now I’ve seen how nice it is I need to get out and bike now before it gets too much hotter

This afternoon will be a sleepy write off, got to get that work done or tomorrow will be a disaster though :weary:. Well done me for introducing needless stress on a lovely sunny Sunday


Just off to Junior ParkRun in a minute - Jimbo should be getting a wristband for notching up ten runs.

There’s plans afoot for a barbecue for lunch, and we’re off to the funfair this afternoon for some top dodgems action


Just got up to put some pork in the slow cooker for lunch/dinner. Going back to bed for a bit then spending the day dealing with new job dread.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I really like my hair. And it makes me feel good about myself. :slight_smile:


Ok plan formulated - cliff tops/ downs ride this am

Then home for lunch and get work done at hottest part of the day

Then head to the beach with a couple of beers late afternoon when it’s hopefully quieting down a bit and I’ll be all relaxed cos I’ve done my work

Just eating shreddies

It looks siickkkkk

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You should dye the beard too


V v tired and have to work for two hours today but other than that I shall be DIYing and maybe go for a walk in the sun.

Hope you all have lovely days :sun_with_face: