Sense of Purpose

Nope, and while I like the concept that life doesn’t need one, it’s definitely bothering me lately. Don’t need a grand cosmic purpose but just something more focused than “keep living life, try to do fun stuff”. Definitely aware of finite time and that I shouldn’t spend quite so much doing the same things over and over.

Quarter life crisis mayhaps?

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Nope, I guess it’s kind of freeing as as I don’t feel like I’m not fulfilling whatever my supposed purpose is

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My sense of purpose is coupled with me always having something to look forward to.

Are you suggesting I rob a bank?


Yes, just the other night I communed with the spirits of several dead marine mammals. You might say I had a seance of porpoise!

And now, I think, @1000YearBanFFS those likes shall be mine.


Hmmmm, ok, that’s probably better.

But in a fair world nobody will like it.

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yeah i’m an artist


More of one now leaving London, looking after Ma and starting this Masters on Monday. Doing shite jobs to pay for that seems less soul crushing at least for now.
It’ll probably fade though, I think it’s unhelpful to reach for a grander sense of purpose. Aims and even duties are great but otherwise follow your nose and do what feels right. If something doesn’t feel right the reasons why are probably what’s worth overthinking about.

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Having fun helps too. The less fun I have the more I tend to dwell on unsolvable crises of the self.


No a which is kind of liberating and terrifying at the same time

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i’m usually alright just drifting about but occasionally you meet one of those really PURPOSEFUL people and they challenge you on not having a purpose and make you feel shit about it

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P much

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we got asked about our team and department’s purpose in a training session the other week (i wanted to reply “to be a punching bag for everyone else to whinge about” but they were too busy whinging about my team) but they didn’t ask about any individuals

i dunno really, this:

really resonates with me. should try and do something about it, but for several reasons it feels like the wrong time to do anything at the moment.

I think this is the only over-used meme that I don’t want to die a painful death.

I suspect that you’re not going to get a very broad spectrum of response by asking on :rofl:


I do but I can’t really verbalise it. I guess writing?

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I think I’ve limited my space to be able to find a purpose by other family and lifestyle choices.

I’m certainly not in a position to decide I need to climb Everest or cross Mordor as a quest.

I’d like to feel a bit more purposeful (@Ruffers’ reference to fun also fits here) but I could also substitute the idea of being more selfish and probably get the same benefits.

My purpose at the moment just seems to be keeping other people happy.

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