Sensible users club


Some notable omissions from this list

Good to see @squidpan there though


Why have you only just read them! (7 replies short of meowington)


saving them up as a treat


There are only 13 of us who are licensed


Poindexter crew:


Narcs one and all.


I wish I hadn’t read these guidelines.

This is like having a prefects badge.

I’ll probably get hung up on the railings by my belt for this.


seems i was licensed a good two months before you



should get your marckee licence next.


I’m not going out like that.


What guidelines?

Also great to see some cool lurkers. Especially liking Maestro Gerald H. Goslin.


Too punk to read the guidelines


oooft! 4th. pus it seems once i got involved, all the cool kids wanted to follow suit.


“I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member”

Marilyn Monroe