Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Anyone ever been in one? Going to have a go for my birthday next month. Will I lose my mind or just get a bit bored and pruney?

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If I may be so bold as to ask, what age will you be? It’s a very unique birthday celebration

Just awaiting the simpsons picture


Can’t imagine anything worse than being trapped in a wet tank with only my own thoughts for entertainment

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Would be quite nice with a beer and some music on, I reckon.

Suppose that’s just ‘having a bath’ though.


If there was some type of sensory deprivation which didn’t involve water I would be all in for that.

I’ll be 35.

Should really have added ‘sing Witch Doctor for an hour’ as a poll option tbf.

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I don’t know what I expected from the question, but that sounds abour right for 35

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I’ll be 35 on Thursday and in, in a way, a sensory deprivation tank of my own


Running on fumes for Simpson pics lately tbh


If you deprive yourself of all your senses, you become incredibly vulnerable to attack. Just so you know.


omg I just read this back and I really didn’t mean it to sound like a threat


Absolutely no desire to ever try one. Seems only slightly better than one of those completely soundproof rooms, which I am confident would make me lose my fucking mind (see: Castle Rock, etc.).

Life’s what you make it. I presume the same goes for sensory deprivation tanks.

Now imagining a giant box of chocolates as a sensory deprivation tank. Wouldn’t work, would it.

I cant see it personally, no

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Something about your sense of sight etc etc

Remember when Ben Afflecks’ Daredevil would use a sensory deprevation tank and then listen to Evanescence really loudly afterwards.

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How could he tell?