Sentimental Items

Hello there, what’s your most sentimental item? Our house is stuffed with bizarre heirlooms and crockery which is a bit of a nightmare in many ways - though think the only (non living) things I’d grab in an emergency would be a watch my mum bought for me and a little figurine like the fella below that my dad brought back from Gibraltar


I have a couple of shoeboxes of sentimental items, would need to have a think about which of them was my most sentimental

Frist time we properly hung out Mrs. Roussimoff came bearing this gift…


Most of the stuff I’d like to have of my nan or dad’s was given to relatives who have no real emotional attachment to those items, which really annoys me as it probably all got given to charity after a while whilst I still think about them. Notably this depressing alcoholic suicide dog…


But I do have…

My nan’s deckchair from the 60s

My dad’s guitar charm/chain


Chest of drawers that belonged to my great grandfather I guess

My guitar probably.

The two vinyl records my band made

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I am hoping these are brought out again if there are important decisions to make, best of three sort of thing

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