September 2018 Film DiScussion thread


I think he’s also in A Simple Favour (out next week)


The Rider - absolutely brilliant, really beautiful cinematography and some fine performances especially from Lilly Blackburn.

Crazy rich Asians - Um, yeah just going to chalk this up as “not for me” and move on.


The new Predator film is not great :frowning:


The scenes with Brady and Lane Scott :cry:


Oh god, especially that last one. :weary:


Just saw Sudden Fear at the BFI - Joan Crawford with a gun and fur coat is the best Joan.


watched T-Men. intriguing noir, bit overlong

Machete as well. better than expected but its all a tad dull


The Rider wasn’t too derivative of Malick? I’d probably lap it up tbh


watched Autumn Sonata
really beautiful and sad
Liv Ullman is soo good in it



Tried to watch a film on the BFI website and it doesn’t seem to work on my laptop. A perfectly good £3.50 down the drain.


Watched Burn After Reading last night. I enjoyed it quite a lot – it has that nightmarish farce kind of feel to it that I really like, and Brad Pitt’s character’s trying-to-be-a-serious-blackmailer facial expressions at one particular point killed me. I think I’m confident saying it’s the Coens at their “trolliest”.


which one?


She was always great in the Kore-eda films I saw her in, especially Still Walking


Quite up for this, even though it seems to be a very deliberate revisiting of all the elements of the original


Lin-Manuel Miranda gunning for EGOT status. He’ll only be missing a Nobel Prize after that.


Watched Ronin for the first time this morning…the camera movement! The inexplicably exploding vehicles! It was really great to see an ‘older’ approach to film-making in a more recent film. Also saw The Measure of a Man the other day, which has an amazing central performance, and says a lot despite being very understated.


looks well wacky


this time… it’s personal in the most whimsical of ways


Watched The Lobster. I liked it but wished it had a bit more of an ending.


Just seen A Simple Favour. A very mixed bag. The pacing and tone was all over the place which is my main gripe, and some of the comedy bordered on irritating which surprised me as I love a lot of Paul Feig’s stuff.

I liked a lot of it as it transitions from comedy to thriller, but when Blake Lively turns up again after disappearing it straddles a very strange line between the two, and even decscends into a farce.

The last 30 minutes or so was so incredibly stupid that it spoilt all the good work the film was doing up to that point.