September 2018 Politics Thread


I live in Chingford and even though he isn’t gone, it was amazing to see IDS’s majority cut so much. @dingaling you’re right - Tory shithouses abound round here. That being said, there’s a pretty dramatic demographic shift happening.

Highams Park is changing really quickly with loads of former Walthamstow/Hackney people with young kids moving in for the additional space. Chingford Hatch is starting to go a similar way, albeit a lot more slowly.

I think in the recent council elections the only change in the whole of Waltham Forest was the Tories losing a couple of seats in Highams Park.

Faiza Shaheen seems like a proper good one - been pretty impressed with everything I’ve seen of her so far. And she’s from the area so hopefully that’ll give her a boost. It’s basically all dependent on enough people moving into Highams Park/Chingford Hatch etc and crowding out the old, racist, Thatcherite fucks who live in North Chingford and Woodford Green. Fingers crossed…


Not sure if this belongs here? But not at all shocked.


Yeah you’re both right, and I completely forgot about the cut in his majority, which was incredible! I live in Epping Forest, sadly there doesn’t seem to be changes in demographics happening here. There was a new Labour candidate but they didn’t even get 100 votes. Nightmare.


I was born and raised in N Chingford and went to school in Woodford Green so fairly familiar with the racist old thatcherites. Haven’t really been to Highams Park for awhile, so this is all good information


Where bouts do you live in epping forest if you don’t mind me asking?


as others have pointed out on twitter, the gradual fade perfectly captures the sense of walking away from the racist pub bore


chigwell (the council estate, not Towie-land)




Watched the new John Harris Guardian short, against my better judgment. ‘Anywhere Outside Westminster’ seems to always mean Walsall. Even he doesn’t want to go back to Walsall, but he has to in order to criticise Labour. Everything washed in a grey, repressive haze, everything getting steadily worse, disengagement climbing upwards and the Tories winning as a result. Just miserable people aimlessly hanging around a wasteland in limbo voting with the vaguest of gut feelings, if they vote at all. The Tory vision for Britain. I’m getting out of here.


This thread? Or this country?


Country. Pulling a profk. The thread’s kept me somewhat sane during most of this tbh.



The twitter thread in that article is worth reading, as it highlights how it’s not a one-off:


Matthew d’Ancona’s launched a new magazine for the young people. It’s…a real piece of work.


Finally got round to reading John Harris’ wikipedia bio-

Harris was raised in Wilmslow in north Cheshire by a university lecturer in nuclear engineering[1] and a teacher, the daughter of a nuclear research chemist. He became fixated by pop music at an early age.

He attended the comprehensive, Wilmslow County High School (at the same time as members of the band Doves[2]), then went to Loreto College, Manchester, a Roman Catholic sixth form college between the University of Manchester and Old Trafford.[3] He applied to study Modern History at Keble College, Oxford, but was rejected, and claimed[ citation needed ] that his membership of left-wing organisations had not won him many favours with such a traditional and conservative college. He spent three years studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at another Oxford college, Queen’s, between 1989 and 1992.

If there’s one person in the world who can understand the lived experience of all the fucking dirty plebs in Britain who neither live in London nor commute to London, nor even have a degree, it’s surely him.


They’re all middle class bods who went to Oxbridge, palled around together and slumped resentfully into political journalism after their first choice career path didn’t work out, yes. The one or two exceptions have to make it central to their being so we can marvel at what an open-minded organisation the journal is.


this is mesmerizing. i know banality of evil is shopworn but it really does apply here.


£30 t-shirts! £30! Fucking hell.


Ah the unions are trying to stitch up the Labour democracy review, nice. Never saw anything like that coming…