September 2019 Film Thread

Kept the better characters from the first one, added in all his pals. Brilliant.

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think PTA might be the “United formation” of the film thread


You just knocked that up in photoshop


I’ll fight anyone who doesnt think the Master is his best film

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Much like the cgi at the end!!


The Sting was absolutely brilliant. Could watch it again right now.

Then watched Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia which was nuts.

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I just saw The Old Man and the Gun, which is apparently Redford’s last ever film. Very good, lovely and light and sweet and just engaging as hell. Also add that to the list after you’ve finished seeing him in his dashing phase!


There is nothing I like about this barring the fact Cusak appears to be midway through morphing into Nic Cage

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you’re going to struggle to get past the first 10 mins then

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Hustlers is :fire: . surprisingly deep. the JLo poledance to Criminal is MINDBLOWING, fuuuck what a choice of song for that. Usher’s random cameo is :smiley:


Skin I Live In- Had never seen brilliant, impeccably shot by Almodovar. His ode to the body horror genre.

Night of the Hunter- Ok I guess. Good performance by Robert Mitchum.

I think this must be a fake poster as the film itself doesnt look this budget and Jackson doesnt look like that in the film

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Watch Eyes Without A Face next

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I watched Shoplifters last night

Fucking hell, I was just in bits :sob:

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Yeah, destroyed me when I saw it too

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More likely real but shit. See also the dreadful main Spider-Man Homecoming one

Suppose Cusack and Jackson arent cheap so get the work experience kid on the poster to save some dosh

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