September 2019 politics thread - fuck knows

Parliament returns! VONC! (?) Potential civil unrest. Are you scared yet?


The most Tory looking house and attire going!

I’ve got a feeling that everything’s going to be alright in the end, you know.

haha j/k, we’re going to be in a situation where we need a load of “”“moderate”"" Tories to put the good of the country ahead of their own job and the preservation of the Tory party and they very obviously won’t, and the Lib Dems and Soubry’s lot will still find some excuse to not bring down the government/keep the jam-loving Trot out of office for even the time needed to stop the country going to total, total shit and calling a general election, so we’re obviously totally, totally, utterly fucked.


Oh, and all of this will still, somehow, be Corbyn’s fault.


It does feel like now the Tories are full no deal, we’ve seen, as predicted all along, that Labour have gone down a less pro-Brexit path. Not sure what this will mean ultimately. But likely he will be seen as the cause of it all :slightly_frowning_face:

Also no deal Brexit will clearly be a huge vote winner for the Tories. There’s no sense anyone in any position of authority or in the media will hold them account for any negative effects.

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(edit: i’m flying to NZ tonight, back in two weeks by which time you’ll have this all sorted… right?)

If anything, especially given the suspension of parliament, I now feel like there’s a whole month too long to wait until THE ABYSS. I suffer from anxiety (because I’m 32) and the long, drawn-out THX sound of Brexit is playing havoc with my nerves. It’s like the steamroller bit in Austin Powers, but really, really not funny.


At least someone will be awake when I’m posting


Let’s just let our eyes rest on the fact that this event is sponsored by Cuadrilla. Cuadrilla. Anyone thinking the LDs are anything other than a waste of fucking time should just internalise that little nugget. There is no way to be progressive while going soul rowing before an ‘inspirational’ Anthony Worral Thompson lunch bankrolled by Cuadrilla. Sake.

Full disclosure - I, as a dullard youth, voted for the LDs in 2010 (safe Lab seat, mind), and accept the accountability that comes with that.



You’re not alone mate - many of us on here did.

Never again though.


At least here I can vote for Plaid, thank heavens.

right so this is fake?

In which case it really doesn’t help

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Yeah if it’s not real I don’t get the point … politics is whooshing us all atm

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it would be shameful for people on the left to make up stuff just as a gotcha and a few moments of feeling smug

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She is on holiday as far as I can tell, but the article is fake.


yeah, didn’t realise it was fake …I guess it works because you can definitely imagine it being within the realms of possibility

that’s me suckered though

@moderators - can you delete this ? thanks


was quite happy to see antony worrall thompson was back in the game :frowning: