September 2019 politics thread - fuck knows

yeah, what @andyvine said

he was looking good for a GE win if he hadn’t prorogued, turned the weans against him and totally fumbled the last 24 - 36 hours

he’s fucked it now though


@colossalhorse @AtTheBorderGuy @andyvine cheers guys.

On the flip side, why is Corbs now backing off from a snap election seeing as he’s been calling for one for an age now? Not time to go for the jugular?

What would happen to the party conferences if an election is called in the next week? Would they not happen?

The danger for Labour is that a strong Lib Dem showing chips away at their vote in Tory/Lab marginals. I’ll be hugely pissed off if I get a ERG MP AGAIN in one of the closest marginals in the country because Swinson’s mob picked up votes.

Excellent use of turned the weans against us there.


It’s four in the morning
the tories are rotten


Nobody trusts BJ not to use his PM powers to shift the election date beyond 31 October thus leading to No Deal Brexit. Labour want the No Deal-blocking legislation in place first.

Edit: (Of course, if Tories/Brexit Party win election majority on a mandate of ‘leave on 31 October regardless’, they can always just ignore the legislation. Which would be fun. :dizzy_face:)


His father John once spoke at a public meeting in Bedford in the early Sixties and my parents were so incensed that they rammed the podium he was standing on with the pushchair I was sitting in.


Fortunately this also applies to Boris Johnson

he wants to guarantee that there won’t be a no deal before he agrees to an election

which, if he gets it would be a very smart tactical move. He’d been seen as saving the country from medicine shortages and outright panic rioting, putting one over on the PM and he’d be going into a GE with Johnson in the position of having betrayed the Gammoncore.


Absolutely. We’ll see but my hunch is that voters will back Labour in more marginals than not in such a scenario. There’s not a lot of things that ‘centrists’ and ‘Corbynites’ seem to ally on, but a loathing of Boris Johnson (coupled with an understanding of FPTP) is definitely one of them.

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If parliament votes for an election, Johnson picks the date - the opposition (all parties, not just Labour) are concerned that if they vote for an election, Johnson will make sure it happens after Oct 31st and no deal us during the campaign. They want the legislation in place first, so would vote for an election next week.


Years of hoping for the best, then seeing the Tories get in have conditioned me not to be too optimistic, but at the last election Labour support surged once campaigning began.

There may have been a bit of a honeymoon effect for Corbyn, but OTOH, my dad voted for him and he voted for Thatcher in '79, so I am not ruling anything out.


Johnson has made the promise that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October. If today’s bill goes through, then the UK cannot leave without a deal (and there is no deal other than Theresa May’s one). By calling an election now he can stop the “no no-deal Brexit” bill from becoming law, as it won’t reach its final stages.


Johnson and his team expected that the Tories wouldn’t rebel. And if they would, they expected that Labour and the other opposition parties would support a General Election.

They are wrong on both counts.


Gotcha, thanks for this.

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The graph is incredible. Is it really so simple as “more fair media conditions apply during an election”?

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Dunno. Ask @guntrip

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True dat. But I fear a lot of people fear the weird socialist man over the floppy haired shambles. I mean Corbyn is unelectable, isn’t he? We can’t elect him because he’s unelectable. Stands to reason.

Also we still have Labour MPs going on TV calling for Corbs to step aside even today (cheers John Mann you utter twat). It’s nice of Boris to even things up by pissing off a huge chunk of his lot but the, “Jeremy can’t even run his own party!” narrative has been running a lot longer.

I’m probably being pessimistic but I still can’t see anything better than a hung parliament coming from a snap election.