September 2019 politics thread - fuck knows

Yeah, this. Not enough time to do the ballot for questions and suchlike.

I’d imagine there’ll be a series of urgent questions and SO24 debates in which the government is hammered from all angles.

I mean I get Clarke kind of, but Harman ffs. It’s so weird you can spend your entire political career being utterly ineffectual and at the end of it this weird cult of London people start demanding you should be in charge of an emergency government.



Would love it, fucking love it, if Boris and Rees Mogg inadvertently started the destruction of the monarchy.

‘A hideous moment for the Palace’
Jonny Dymond
BBC royal correspondent

This is a hideous moment for the Palace.

The Queen had very little discretion over whether to prorogue Parliament; she acts in this case on the advice of her prime minister.

Whilst some argue that Boris Johnson lacked the legitimacy of other prime ministers, and that this might have swayed the Queen’s decision, that would have meant stepping into (even more of) a constitutional minefield.

But to have an Order in Council – the exercise of Royal Prerogative, the mechanism by which the prorogation takes place – ruled unlawful and void, is breathtaking.

Worse for the Palace, and for the Queen, is the spotlight this throws onto all the dark corners of the British constitution.

For decades, for centuries, it’s been governed by convention and precedent, and an unspoken agreement not to push things too far. Boris Johnson blew that apart.

And now the demands for a written constitution are coming. And with them the inevitable question – just what role should there be for a hereditary monarch?


No, Bercow has said there isn’t time for notifications etc for PMQs to take place.

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PotW @JaguarPirate


Hahaha, will everyone else be back in Westminster?

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I mean this in itself is the start of a whitewash campaign, because Private Eye has it that she knew full well what it meant and did it anyway. By the time Johnson’s fully on his way out the line will be that the monster hoodwinked a poor blinking innocent gran into something she didn’t understand.


I find it interesting but broadly irrelevant.

“Look, let’s be absolutely clear, we are working to try and unstick this situation, and yes, we have been testing the law, working out where the lines are and we are pleased as everyone else to see the Supreme Court working as it should. We will now happily return to parliament tomorrow and crack on, thanks”

[goes back to not really negotiating Brexit because he knows it’s never going to happen]


What kind of royal family doesn’t have a single member who is mega into eurorack


Edward has been very quiet these last few years



just like she was honestly enjoying a lovely trip to church with andrew the day after he was confirmed as an abuser, and all those photographers just happened to be there to capture mother and son smiling and enjoying their time together.

she’s a very wily old fox indeed is that one.

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Remaining in the EU

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If we leave (lol), avoiding the No-Deal hellmouth

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Oh, Jeremy Corbyn

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I want them privatised and subsidised wholly by advertising


Neil Warnock has turned up outside the court with a fishing rod, 6 cans of lager and a KFC


Maybe the scales will fall from her eyes now as she realises how naive she’s been. I mean, if she could be lied to about this, then…

looks across the room at Andrew

What boring fucking cunt is emailing me about the minutiae of their day ffs?

Oh. Fair enough I suppose.

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