September 2019 politics thread - fuck knows

He’s put in the hours down the factory, now give him his crown

prefer Zero Queen tbh

Good point. I open the floor to suggestions.

Like in my vision, they’re not even allowed to have jobs

They’re wholly dependent on the whims of the free market


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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Prorogue

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I knew 2019 would be the right year to get into Jacobitism. The current pretender has shown her true colours. King Francis II is ready to step in.



Very happy to have been reminded of this being a thing

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The real question as regards the French crown is which of the two Bonapartist claims you endorse:

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Just no queen


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Porogue NONE.

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HRH King Francis II has no claims on the French throne, please take this seriously


Etihad Palace, The Emirates Tower of London, etc


I’ve Said it before & I’ll say it again

Queen Elisabet365


Commenting on the Supreme Court ruling, PM Boris Johnson said:"Obviously this is a verdict we will respect, we will respect the judicial process.

"I don’t think that it’s right, but we will go ahead and of course Parliament will come back.

He added: "The important thing is we get on and deliver Brexit on October 31.

"They thought the prorogation that we chose was not something they could approve of.

"The main thing is that we will get on and deliver Brexit on October 31… but Parliament will come back and we will respect that.

Asked if he would apologise, Mr Johnson said he did not think the ruling was “the right decision”.

MPs could be back in days to thwart Britain’s exit from EU

fuuuuuck oooooffff

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What was the end result of that kinnock amendment that they accidentally passed that tmeant they had to go and find Ol May’s deal??

Did that get sidelined only because of the prorogation?

They’re gonna do that now and pass it aren’t they.

You’ve… run into options?


political joke workshop

“more like amateur rogue”

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  • nea

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