September 2019 politics thread - The Prorugoe edition

This is basically just a snapshot of my brain at this point.


If they exist and genuinely think these miserable, idiotic, mean spirited thoughts then I don’t want to be around them.

So there.


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Oh shit

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Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

This is wonderful, thank you!

It will surprise absolutely nobody that David Cameron considers himself a victim in Brexit

Absolute pie


Would you like to know more?


The Times extract continues: “I followed this with a text: ‘You must realise that I divide the world into team players and wankers. You’ve always been a team player. Please don’t become a wanker’.” Gove went on to serve as chief whip for almost a year.

If this is Cameron trying to make himself look good…

‘Are you an American, or an American’t?’


Gyimah, eh

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Can’t decide whether swinson positioning the lib dems as basically camerons tory party is a stroke of tactical genius* i, or just what she actually wants to do

*for the record I don’t think appealing to cameron fans in 2019 is a very vote-winning move. We’ll see.

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Surely this positioning, together with the fact Labour is now more pro-remain (or at least, perceived to be), will make many voters who had switched likely to switch back.

I dunno, I guess they must have crunched the numbers in the key marginals and cross referenced with the Leave/Remain split

dunno if they have anything to lose anyway, the Tories have painted themselves into a Brexit shaped corner and you can’t really blame her for syphoning from the gas tank

also think it shores up the Labour support with Swinson positioning the Lib Dems well to the right of centre too

we’ll see how it plays out

They, and the Remain press will maintain that they’re part of the moderate centre.


Hesitant as I am to raise the concept, this fits with the movement of the dreaded Overton window, in that the Tories are ‘on the right’ (increasingly far), Labour are ‘the socialist left’, and so the Lib Dems must be the creamy middle.


well obviously

and just as obviously, that would be a lie

Ah, Scottish Labour