September 2020 Film Thread

Les Miserables

All cops are bastards! But are they?! Maybe people and kids are bastards too?

Wanted to have it’s cake and eat it a little bit. Think it would have been a stronger film without the final act which felt like it was lifted from another film entirely.


The final act is the best bit!


It’s a great scene, but it’s a bit fantastical and I don’t think it is true to the preceding hour and a half.

I think it fit quite well. Throughout the film there’s simmering tensions between the different groups which always look like boiling over and I bought it

Sweet Bean

A stunning, simple film about an old lady connecting with a restaurant owner and a schoolgirl who eats there. Absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful and I was fucking in floods of tears by the end. Sort of achingly melancholy and natural in a way that only the Japanese can. On Mubi at the moment.


i didn’t totally love the film but been obsessed with dorayaki ever since i saw it

(Yeah I felt like it maybe pushed the sentimentality a bit too much at times, and the miserable main bloke got way too much screen time, but overall I thought it was absolutely lovely).

Never heard of dorayaki before watching but now fully want to try some. Great advert for it.

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I watched Cuties and its very good and obviously the lit torch campaign against it is incredibly silly and depressing.

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A third Cats & Dogs film? OK, now you’ve gone too far 2020

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My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. Documentary about a wildlife cameraman who vibes with an octopus in the kelp forests off the South African coasts. The narrative is a bit wishy washy, but there is loads of great undersea photography and octopuses are the greatest animals ever, so thumbs up.

The title reminds me of this Japanese comic I like

Soo that Beatles/Peter Jackson remix of Let It Be is delayed for another year but here’s the book of the film.

Not sure if I liked The Devil All The Time or not. Its too long and there’s perhaps a bit too much going on, didn’t seem very focused.

Daybreak (1939) is a brilliant film though, loved that

A bit puzzled that Picturehouse had posters for Rocks, a trailer for it playing before films, and now aren’t showing it! It’s on at the Curzon at least…

I pressed Nebraska but should have gone for The Stories We Tell.

I saw that at The BFI after an unexplained absence from going to the cinema for a year or two. It was a fantastic film and got me back into cinema and I bought a BFI membership on the back of that film visit.

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Yeah pissed off about that.
Made plans to see it locally this weekend with my mate (her friend produced it so it would’ve been a really nice experience).
Guess we could go into town to see it but not crazy about the idea.
Plus, we were looking forward to real nice pizza after

Oh nice one.
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Netflix UK have spilled the beans and said they’ll have Rocks on there very soon anyway

Ach I was hoping to take the TV to see this on the weekend cos she’s a teacher at a girls school and I think she’ll love it. But she always gets annoyed when we pay money to see a film and it’s on Netflix a couple of weeks later (Atlantiques, Uncut Gems). I will have to feign ignorance.