September 2022 Film News/Trailer chat Thread

Busy month!

1st September
Love in the Villa (Netflix)

2nd September
Three Thousand Years of Longing
The Forgiven

9th September
Bodies Bodies Bodies
Crimes of the Future
See How They Run
Both Sides of the Blade

16th September
Ticket to Paradise
Funny Pages
Moonage Daydream
Clerks III
I Used to Be Famous (Netflix)

23rd September
Don’t Worry Darling
In Front of Your Face
Catherine, Called Birdy

28th September
Blonde (Netflix) - cinema release 16th September

30th September
Flux Gourmet
Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

cinemas charging three quid entry this saturday

Don’t forget Jaws is out in 3D next week!

That’s the original Jaws in 3D not Jaws 3D.

All these heading off Netflix this month. I’ve got 6 penciled to watch for the first time.

(7th) The Handmaiden
(10th) Hail, Caesar!
(14th) The Revenant
(14th) Man On Fire
(17th) The Witch
(29th) Spider-Man Homecoming
(30th) Carlito’s Way
(30th) Kung Fu Hustle
(30th) Dawn Of The Dead (remake)
(30th) Love & Other Drugs
(30th) Rocks
(30th Vantage Point
(30th) Heat
(30th) Halloween (original)
(30th) The Town
(30th) Spider-Man
(30th) Fight Club
(30th) Saving Private Ryan
(30th) Schindler’s List
(30th) Cast Away
(30th) A Beautiful Mind

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Oh Clerks 3 is actually happening, huh

First 2 reviews on my Letterboxd for Don’t Worry Darling:


Two star reviews in the independent and Guardian.

Shame, the trailer looked interesting.

Yep looked like stylish social commentary thriller type thing. I’ve got 2 more 2* reviews on Letterboxd. The press tour also seems to be going swimmingly:

Nah, Chris Pine just gets a notification from his phone that he’s put between his legs

I’m glad JZMaclin can finally get to sleep at least

The only rift is between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh I think, I imagine the rest of the cast just want this press tour over with quickly

fuck yeah, this is the good stuff imo


A lovely Christmas treat imo

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