September 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

would not have expected this to be a Linklater film, intrigue

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Painfully uncool title

He’s meant to wait until after his ‘final’ film gets released everywhere before saying this

Poor Things wins first prize at the Venice Film Festival

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If you’re going to name a film so literally you may as well go for ‘hot guys in leather jackets’…

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I saw the trailer for the new Alexander Payne film at the cinema last night but its not even out until January :sob:

Brother looks good, will try to get to it

Seen 3 different reviews commenting on its “daunting” length though - bro, it’s just 2 hours! Obviously a film can justify that length or not, but it’s hardly a bizarre choice. Weird comments

But I want it now :weary:

did Bottoms not come out Sept 1st like expected then? Really hoping I hadn’t missed it but also seen no chat about it, so

I think outside the US it’s coming out on Prime at some unspecified date later this year :frowning:


Right, fuck this, cinema is dead

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What’s the name of that upcoming film which is a Hollywood remake of a recent foreign film, and it’s about two families and one of the kids has an accident and then one of the mothers blames the other for causing it? I swear I didn’t dream this…

Speak No Evil?

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That’s it! Thanks :pray: