⚽ September football thread including the nations league, national leagues, messi and more

It’s coming home

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Carabao Cup starts tomorrow. Can’t see even the lower league teams taking it seriously tbh, this isn’t a season where you’d want a cup run and MORE games.

Poland tomorrow, Italy on Monday.

Fati in the Spain squad already.

Keep forgetting there are internationals this weekend. Really should have binned off these ones.

Makes a bit more sense most years because it coincides with the end of the transfer window which seems fair. Always the October one that can do one for me.



Really can’t be arsed with the new season.

Serious football fatigue.


Honestly v excited about the Kenny era

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I am watching the spurs doc so you don’t have to.

Levy is a painfully uncharasmatic man, Obviously he won’t reveal anything exciting in front of the cameras but wow is he dull.

Mourinho comes across quite well.

Eric dier speaking Portuguese is a really odd sight and sound, even though I know he can do it

sincere football takes subthread?

the nations league is good actually and has made international breaks way more enjoyable than they were. loads of actually evenly matched games kicking off at the same time, players and crowds* are usually up for it, nearly every match has something at stake even if it doesn’t mean that much overall


There were some really good games first time around, the Spain game particularly


Agreed just needs to bugger off this season for me.

It’s interesting how Harry Kane’s team talks and motivation captain’s bit in the changing room is very samey, but then again what can you ever really say to get people fired up in a new and unique way.

I’ve enjoyed it so far, definitely gives you an interesting insight into Mourinho, and the players behind the scenes. Sonny seems like a really nice guy, which isn’t surprising.

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His swearing is rubbish reminded me of that bit in The Thick Of It were Terri does some rubbish swearing and Glenn starts talking about a “Shit fight”. Kane just threw in the odd “Fuck” for tele.


come on lads fucking 90 minutes fucking 3 points get stuck in fucking do it

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didn’t it also give the small nations like Scotland the chance to play each other rather than just get done 6-0 by everyone in a qualifying group?

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Is this going to be a big thing:

If they weren’t paying anyway probably not.