⚽ September football thread including the nations league, national leagues, messi and more

Yep, they’re out. Could’ve been Greenwood’s first start. Idiot.

What a way to go. Top shaggers :joy:


Foden has a partner and kid which is worse. Guess Greenwood felt he had to live up to the reputation of the Man Utd #11 shirt.

Does he?! He’s about 15. Crikey

Foden leading young mason astray. Disgraceful


More like Mason Keenwood amiright


And Phil Fauxpas!!!1



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Rumour doing the rounds is that Moyes is going to walk before the end of the week. Would actually respect him for that - when the board starts selling players out from under you you’re never going to come back from that.

In case anyone was wondering we are 100% guaranteed going down this year.

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For some reason the papers feeling the need to make it clear that Greenwood and Foden have been sent him separately has really tickled me, as if they couldn’t let them share a plane home because they might go to Ibiza or something.


Gonna our Antonio in for the first game and then ship him out in the ol FPL

Genuinely find it baffling that, even being 20yo stinking rich lads lads lads with the media reporting your every move or fart, that you go away to make your senior international debut at the highest level of your career and the thought process is “we could bang some birds here m8” as being something to do


reckon there’s a tonne that they get away with that doesn’t get reported/missed, so probs just unlucky this time

yeah, our first game of the season is a relegation 6 pointer. After that we’ll be rock bottom for at least a solid two months.

Should generate a good atmosphere on top of everything that’s already happened.

I never take anything from friendlies, but they conceded 5 to us and Ben Johnson got subbed after 25mins because he was getting so rinsed. 17th place confirmed

I live in such a controlled bubble within my sport (and I mean that in a pre-covid sense) that I think we’d just fuck them off out the door. Bonkers innit.

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That’s it Gareth, throw your own kids (who are nothing to do with this situation) under the bus. Classic dadding.


*two asses


Gareth Southgate’s kids England future THROWN INTO DOUBT


I guess the atmosphere would be so toxic at the ground atm in normal times (and the design of it means it’s never exactly rocking) that the lack of fans might help?