September thread of football

Yeah whatever it’s not September yet, don’t care.

Just posting to commemorate the man that is Nacho (or Naxto, if you’re the programmers of popular video game Football Manager 2012-ish) Monreal. Gone to Real Sociedad, hasn’t he. Wish he’d bloody stayed for the NLD at least.

This is also kinda interesting and weird, doesn’t feel like the team is as different as all that

Anyway, someone else can do all the other football stuff.

Dreamt that Liverpool drew with Chelsea 1-1

Wolves will be drawing 1-1 with Everton tomorrow.

Hopefully a cat will run on the pitch again.

Not looking forward to the NLD. No idea who will be right back as KWP and Foyth are injured, Aurier is supposedly close to a move. Maybe back 5 with Sissoko.
Who knows?
Ndombele is also injured so not sure who is playing in midfield.
Could really do with Dele being fit.

Arsenal 0-3 Spurs

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Reckon Liverpool and United will win today.

Pretty much every sign points to us smashing you, which is why you’re obviously gonna win.


Also what’s happening with Deli Alli? Heard there was something to do with alcohol, but no idea what.

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He was photographed pissed on holiday and obviously demonised in the gutter rags. Posted a Instagram vid of him smashing the gym the next day. Think he’s just not quite fit, though he might be on the bench/playing tomorrow.

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Red armeh!!!


Where are people finding streams?

What a good goal!

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You won’t even get that much space in the penalty area in a U23 game

Federico James

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Depends which game IMO

I’m talking specifically about a Fleetwood FC U23 vs Morecambe FC U23 derby.


One where all 22 players have to stay in the penalty area at all times

Ah right, yeah, no chance you’d get that much time and space in the penalty area in that particular fixture. You’re dead right.

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there aren’t any

Daniel James seems pretty good doesn’t he?