September thread of football

fucking state of this


Facing a frontline of Villa cast offs today. Hope Ayew gets the hero’s welcome he deserves!

Seems like he might end up being pretty good. Very early days yet though innit.

(Although already has as many league goals for us as Sanchez managed, lol)

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well, just in this half, if Rashford could time his runs/head better James should have had a goal & two assists

Can’t be long until he gets in the England squad

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crazy that man united have never lost a game in their history when jessie lingard hasn’t started

Kinda amazed BBC published that tbh

Maguire - not as big in real life as you’re lead to believe

Southampton have equalised via a setpiece header by Jan Vestergaard. Questions will be asked about Manchester United’s defending.

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Jannik Vestergaard, originally from the Forest of Qohor


But it’s Manchester United’s Reargaard which will come under scrutiny

He’s over 6’6" you know

Gonna shed a wee tear when Snoddy lines up against us today #prayforsevered

that was a foolish challenge

I take back everything I said about Daniel James

Oh phew he’s on the bench

Don’t be fooled!

S’hampton are a real bunch of shithousers innit

That cross at the end there by James was pure cinema

They’ve bantered United off that’s for sure.