September thread of football

Like when Jez leaves the theatre early in Peep Show


if I was a City fan and it wasnt a week night I’d be more inclined to, but I’m not and it was. I was also with a mate who thought the same so we just thought, it’s not worth it

Off to Anfield tomorrow so may look to do the same

Wes Morgan working himself into a shoot is quite a buzz

Really don’t get how those stats can add up to a 75 overall

Arsenal social media making quite a big deal out of Lacazette being out til October. Talk of him being offered a new deal, so this could be the club trying to make him feel important, but I can’t help but feel that it’s just to soften the blow to the fans of it being more serious than they’re letting on.

Seeing a lot of people now questioning the sale of Iwobi (and to a lesser extent letting Mkhitaryan go out on loan). Not me. No way in hell you could turn £40m down for him. Excited at the prospect of seeing more of Nelson and Martinelli but it puts a hell of a lot of pressure on Aubameyang as the only striker and Pepe to settle in and deliver soon.

Should have kept Welbeck about imo. Would have been a great opportunity for Nketiah too, but the loan was the best move for him at the time.

We are THIN.

iwobi went for about 25 million didn’t he?

That might be the guaranteed fee but the talk was that the first rejected offer was £30m and the final deal was worth £40m after add ons, as I recall. I’d have taken £25m anyway fwiw.

Welbeck literally has half a leg remaining.

Think it was 30 +5

Reckon we wouldn’t have sold Iwobi if we’d known we’d be able to ditch Mkhitaryan this window. Did a bit of fag-packet maths and I’m pretty sure we actually make more money this season from loaning Mkhi out than we did for selling Iwobi, given their respective wages.

Think we also shouldn’t have loaned out Nketiah. Will be properly pissed if he just plays backup to Patrick ‘Eton’ Bamford all season.

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Really wish people would stop using ‘literally’ when they mean ‘figuratively’.

Really wish people would stop pretending they care about the fact that the word “literally” has evolved, as all language does, beyond its original meaning.


Looks like we’ve tied De Gea down for five years just in the nick of time for his form to never recover from the last few months of shite.

think he’s been properly dropped from the spain team now btw.

Hopefully he retires from international duty. That World Cup is what fucked him.

he’s always been a bit shaky for the national team tbf-iker’s shoes (gloves?) are impossible to fill-, but yeah, the world cup absolutely did a number on him.

Me too! :sweat_smile: is it odd to want you first choice striker to be injured!?

It’s not like lord bamford isn’t scoring either and he puts in a shift off the ball… do like the look of Eddie though.

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It’s got to the point with the current PL where I’m wondering whether we’ll see Liverpool put 4 past NUFC today, whether City will put 5 past Norwich and whether Leicester will put 6 past United

I’m very happy that football is back

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Fulham are literally on the telly this afternoon and I literally won’t be able to watch it.


What a lovely goal.

Jetro… Willems?