Serena Williams won the Australian Open without dropping a set whilst pregnant

She is utterly fucking incredible and I love her.


Technically she was playing with the strength and skill of two people so it shouldn’t really count.


This is a stupid post but I still have the utmost respect for you as a community member and think you’re almost certainly going to prove to be an amazing father.

Thanks mate, I should be honest with you here and say my previous post was a weak attempt at humour, and I too am both impressed and astounded at Serena William’s athletic prowess.


I’m taking the fact it was announced on Maria Sharapova’s birthday as deliberate also btw :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart_eyes:

Bloody hell, still in shock :open_mouth:
what a way to possibly end the greatest career in the history of the sport
simultaneously chuffed for her and a bit gutted

Andy Murray won Wimbledon without dropping a set whilst pregnant

Don’t be stupid please

He dropped a few sets while he wasn’t pregnant though Ant!!

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Haven’t we all!

I’ve never dropped a set at wimbledon OR the australian open, pregnant or no


One football thread per day, please. We’ve been over this.

Don’t be stupid please.

Fully in love with her tbh, those bits where she racks up a French Open title effortlessly then seamlessly addresses the crowd in French with no problems, then strolls off looking amazing to go and do some superb charity work or set up a foundation or whatever. She’s unbelievable.


I wish she was my wife

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That fuckin’ Reddit dude :angry:

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Theo, as always, I’m extremely grateful for your commitment to the administrative upkeep of the community but do you honestly think anyone anywhere actually does that?


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