Serena Williams won the Australian Open without dropping a set whilst pregnant


thread is a bit weird


Don’t be stupid please.


I would if I could. I could create a whole new category I guess, but I’d be worried we’d never see Ant contribute to important threads again.


I’m asking people to do that.


no one’s ever used that feature.


Don’t you start.


Shan’t. Can’t make me.


I’m not going to start, neither will anyone else






That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


And to cap it all she also tops it next week by regaining the world number one ranking whilst not playing tennis, but sitting at home with her feet up eating coal and laughing at Sharapova on the telly.


I had hoped Ant’s inherent decency would shine through. I knew most of the rest of you were unrepentant, though.


Like that would be news to anyone.


she’ll be needing lots of deuce!!1


I will endeavour to tag my sports threads correctly from now on Theobald, just know that you are literally the only person out of who cares about the forum tagging process or will ever use it as intended


Something wonderfully Sisyphean about Theo desperately tagging threads for a feature that no one notices


Haha! You’re right! (Also folic acid)


That baby is going to make quite a racket!


Might just make an ‘Other Stuff’ category and stick everything from ‘Sports’ and ‘Rubbish’ in there so you and the Tiger Crew can have a good time together.