Serial Faffers Unite

So thanks to a point by @plasticniki I realised that I am a serial faffer, especially when it comes to buying things online.

Things I have faffed about recently:

Nintendo Switch. Was gonna buy myself one for my birthday. Did I? No. Absolutely titting pranny.

Sodastream replacement gas canister. I mean what is wrong with me? I’m going to run out at some point so why am I not organising myself?

And you? What have you missed out on due to a BIG FAFF?


I am a man of today

Great thread tilto well done

Everything in my life ever

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It’s a good thread I just don’t have any specific examples right now, sorry

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  • limited editions of beers that are now gone forever
  • beers that sold out, so I committed to an order without them, only for them to appear on the shop the next day
  • limited cool tee to support businesses I like
  • so so so many gig tickets
  • cheap travel (of course it was smart to spend £100 on trains to Birmingham rather than the £50 I could have spent if I’d committed a week earlier ffs)

Lost so much money and opportunities due to faffing, and gained almost nothing in return :roll_eyes:

Only slight justification is that maki decisions stresses me out and sometimes I need that extra time to feel comfy with my choice. If the opportunity disappears in that time sometimes I think it clearly just wasn’t meant to be, and if I’d committed earlier I’d have still felt unsure and pressured


i’ll reply to this thread a bit later


didn’t fill in some basic forms more than a year ago because I had to ask three people to sign it, didn’t do it again when I had the chance in January, now I have to pay loads of money and there’s an outside chance the work of several years will count for nothing. Should be a lesson there, but will there be???


More of a procrastinator than a faffer.


When I got my professional qualifications, I didn’t bother upgrading my chartered institute status from student to full member because it involved a (short) form. Three years later my big boss noticed on the membership fees that I was still down as a student member and surely there’s been some mistake?

Took about four minutes to do the form.


Been meaning to go to end of the road festival for the best part of 10 years. I always just delay the decision until the point that it’s too late cos tickets have sold out or whatever. I think I like decisions being taken out of my hands. Decisions are stressful.

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100% this. I like having options because I’m picky, but then I can’t commit to one - so having one option forced on me is a relief often

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Stonecold faffer here

Always for me. It’s partly I think because as you get older you get less bothered about ‘stuff’ due to experience. So you start to think, “Yeah, that Switch looks sweet, I’d like one, they are cool,” and then you go to buy one and you look at the price and your brain is just sitting there going, “You’re not going to use it are you? I mean you will a bit but you’ve not time to do stuff as it is, why are you looking at spending £250 on a games device that will be gathering dust in 3 months’ time?”

Well, that’s how it works for me. Usually I will only buy something once it drops below a certain price point. I don’t even know what that point is, it’s just a weird place where the “you won’t really use it” part of my brain is drowned out by the cost. Hence I finally bought a ‘smart’ watch when I found one for $130 AUD that did all the stuff I wanted.

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