Serial - Season 3: "Heading back to court—this time, in Cleveland"

They’re doing season three of Serial.

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probably guilty but probably shouldn’t have been convicted based on the evidence in the podcast.


Sounds a bit dull, sorry Serial.

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Very much in the loved Serial S1, and S-Town, hated Serial S2 camp, but have given this a go in hope.

Its okay, but the yippidy-skip tone is definitely getting on my nerves now, and I’m still not totally sure the sensation of repeatedly being told the system is flawed is that enjoyable, as just feels like you are stuck in a loop. Season 1 was good because it was “the system is flawed PLUS a who dunnit”, and S-Town was great because of the incredible change of direction in episode two, and where it went from there. This just isn’t explosive enough yet.

Have concluded it is unlistenable now.

tried the first episode. thought it was pretty shite.

anyone listened to the whole thing?