Serious Jockin

I liked it when he got bored of daft punk half way through and just cut it off.

I really, really, REALLY fucking hate Steve Wright


No Jockin last week, who’s on board this week? 20 minutes away, I CAN’T WAIT.

Not sure I’ll be home in time! Nooooooo

BOOOO serious missin out no g.

I will be serious listenin from 4.30

Samba de Janeiro into Flo Rida then Spice Up Your Life. Worst one yet, and it’s a very low bar.

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haha yes. love/hate it. so stupid

it took me ages trying to work out what it was before I realised it’s not really anything.

It’s the sound of a drunk uncle comandeering the DJ decks at a suburban wedding.

Yes, but now he’s playing Rhythm is a Mystery by K-klass and it is outstanding

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It’s not really the music that’s the issue. I fucking hate Steve Wright.

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Oh he’s ruined it again

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I missed whatever this was, had to pick up my daughter from nursery, I’ll assume it was Crying at the Discotheque by Alcazar

It was… Hey Mickey by Toni Basil!

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I am pleased we’re all on board with the Jockin, same time next week

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Wrighty played United States of Whatever by Liam Lynch on this week’s Jockin. Followed by We Like To Party by antifa heroes the Vengaboys. Hell of a one two, that.

Right, see you next week.

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I am locked in. Serious lockin


YES. I am pumped for the jockin, serious pumpin no g.