(Serves 40)



Bit weird to get someone a cake for breaking up with a partner, imo.


No that serves 10 at best


You reckon I could get through it solo over a long weekend? I think I probably could.


If I sat down with a spoon and nothing to do then 24 hours easy. Although chocolate cake is not my favourite.


Sounds tennisy


How thin would the slices have to be to do 40?

absolute bullshit @rich-t


I think this year I want a birthday cake that’s covered in horrendously sweet icing and has a jam layer that’s never been near an actual piece of fruit.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this, you’re not on the planning committee.


Can’t beat a Victoria sponge, the bigger the wedge of icing and jam in the middle the better.


Should say ‘Sorry you are leafing, Chris’


We’re having this as our wedding cake (Colin and Connie). we’re getting 2 of each as it never serves that many

Obviously not personalised like that mind.


How do we feel about this?




Agreed. Buttercream in the middle can fuck off though, just dilutes the jam.


big fan


an admission from an employee - I’ve busted this case wide open!


Probably doesn’t serve 40 either.


gonna get one and eat it by myself


Been toying with a thread on bullshit serving sizes

A ‘serving’ of wine gums is 4 (four) fucking sweets. It’s political correctness gone mad!


Customers have been going mad for the love sausage. Not so much for the heart-beet beetroot burgers


you can get me to buy anything if you put truffled in the description

might get it for myself and eat it surreptitiously