(Serves 40)



With guac and pinto beans? Ming.


Oh woah woah woah woah what have you just said?!


This may come up in your annual performance review


not paying extra for guac

not made of money dr.dr epimer esquire sr.


Also: tastes quite strongly of butter. Don’t really like butter.


Weird that a literal science nerd wouldn’t understand what ‘dilute’ means


You think you know someone…


Is a bit of a weird thing for something like M&S to be selling. Can imagine the meeting where they decided to market this


I was in a shop last week and they sold safety cones for placing outside the toilet door to alarm anyone about to enter of any smells in there. The weird thing was, it was in their valentine’s day section.


i count five segments


Sorry you are leaving Chrisalis (chrysalis)


think they must have employed oat milk woman from the apprentice


Literally does dilute (i.e. decrease the effective concentration of) the jam though, assuming it’s at least partly soluble in the buttercream.


Jam isn’t soluble in buttercream. Neither of them are liquids. What is this


They’re emulsions/suspensions which are at least partially miscible, which means that they can affect the concentration of each other relative to their pure state.

It’s not difficult.


The pure state of this post


what do you mean? do you mean if it was in the fridge and it wasn’t getting saved for a birthday or something would it be gone by the time monday came around? or do you mean you are attempting to eat it all and how long would it take you

cos if it’s the latter i could do a whole colin in sub 20 minutes. don’t think i’d feel great after, like. but yeah.


This one. I’m also likely to be hungover on the Sunday.


reckon that might be the ticket on a hangover. bit of cake, wee cup of tea. yeah.

plus its really easy to cut slices from.


*40 bits