(Serves 40)



This would make a great thread. Japes vs food.


very nearly ordered one of those “challenge” burritos where you get your photo on the wall if you eat it.

didn’t want the song and dance around it though, was just hungry.


a massive cake and a hangover is surely the perfect recipe for the case of the Epimers?


The beer does that to me anyway, Ronald. Might as well lean into it.


It does it to us all, it does it to us all


you’re too modest


“tag who you’ll be sharing your Love Sausage with this Valentine’s Day!”

So edgy, Spenos.


It’s funny because “sausage” sounds a bit naughty


Alright, Simon “Farters Parters” Partridge.


1.1 cm. Not impossible, but pointless nonetheless.


thanks for crunching the numbers on this one



Ok, I’ve got Speno’s back here. When you go to a kid’s party (and be under no illusions here my immature friends, this is a kid’s cake) you usually get a pretty fucking small piece of cake. This would serve 40 nae bother.


Could do 2.2 cm and then half it.


This just raises further questions about the nature of Chris’s failed relationship.


I think attempting to slice a colin that that thin would results in some very structurally unsound slices


I would say 2.2 halved would favour the party bag.


ah yes, that would work, wrapped up in a TMNT paper napkin

fair play


thought you were being a cunt here but i’ve just worked out what you actually meant


Had to pick up my son early from a party on Saturday as he had puked up. He asked if he could eat his maom strips as we walked in the door.


You could try, but that would ruin the structural integrity of the internal swiss roll.