(Serves 40)





‘serves 40 children’ is not the same as ‘serves 40 real people’

who knows how much kids eat? like three crisps? i dunno


Mate, I’m nicking this idea.

Maybe make Percy and Friends the guests as well.

Hope you don’t mind


Look, there’s always going to be comprises when trying to subdivide this thing into anything smaller than the five segments that God/@japes intended.


We’re having the mini colins (we do packs of 6) around the big colin and connie cakes as well.


I had drafted this post upthread before seeing you were indeed having mini Colins:

Please tell me you are also getting mini Colins too at least so you can put one with the main cakes?

That is going too look ridiculously cute :slight_smile:


That’s at most 2 meals for 1, gtfo m&s


How much kids eat? Of chocolate cake? Have you met any kids recently?


My local cake shop has loads of wedding cakes on display, which I was perusing the other day. They all seem to say they serve about 100 even though they’re all two normal cakes max in size.

My wedding cake is going to feature the Horniman Walrus and have me and Mrs F in the sea. It will serve 20, comfortably.


actually no


Or for a joint one, Sorry you are leaving Chris/Alice.


A 500ml bottle of soda is 2 servings apparently. And if thats really the case why arent they 660ml!!!