Service Station - VFM edition (no mentions of Tebay in here please)

Who the fuck are these 59%?


Probably the ÂŁ80k lot.

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What’s the source of the screenshot there chief?

Is that a joke…?

If it is: FUCK YOU!

If it isn’t: the link below the screenshot.


Can’t believe you’ve banned Tebay chat


It stems from my jealousy of never having been there, same as me hating all the Costco card carriers.

More concerned with the 90% who were satisfied with the experience of a motorway service station.

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What could be improved?

More petting zoos


you’ll get there one day mate. maybe not tebay, maybe not tomorrow. but you’ll get there.

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They could move in the direction you are travelling so you wouldn’t lose any time by stopping.

While I love a bit of petting, I’d feel sorry for those animals living in such depressing environments.

Good point. In that case, less petting zoos


What would they be doing while moving though? I mean, I can conceptualise someone giving you food and whatever through the car window, but most often I’m stopping for piss / shit / fuel which wouldn’t make sense in this scenario.

used to make a point of driving to the cheapest petrol station but then i worked out the difference between the most expensive and least expensive was like 20p on a £50 tank. so now i don’t bother.


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The whole service station would be on a conveyor heading the same way you are bound. Maybe at 50mph, I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to ask them to go 70.

There would be a few of them on a loop so you would never miss one.

@epimer hook me up with a TM on one of these fuckers please

Oh I see now!

Yeah, this is utter nonsense.

But a huge leap forward in customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is already at 90% and this will not resolve the 59% satisfaction levels that we have for food and drink prices. Your solution doesn’t fix the most important key problems.

You aim so low. I want 100% customer satisfaction.