Service Stations (polls/chat/definitive)

In anticipation of my impending enrolment in the dis pistonheads club, let’s talk service stations shall we?

Got any favourites? Cobham services are really hard to top, for me.

Favoured service station snack?

  • Crisps (grab bag)
  • Pepperami
  • Pot Noodle
  • Pastry product (cold)
  • Pastry product (heated)
  • Sandwich
  • Snack bar (lion, mars bar etc)
  • Chocolate bar (dairy milk, milky bar etc)
  • Other

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Sit down meal in the service station?

  • Yes, when possible
  • No

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  1. Tebay North
  2. Tebay South
  3. Beaconsfield
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Ever been to Cobham Services?

Most visited:

  1. Charnock Richard
  2. Tebay
  3. Leigh Delamere

I have - it’s just like Beaconsfield but further away from me

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They’re all basically the same except for the Tebays. As long as I can take a halfway comfortable shit and there’s somewhere I can buy a yum-yum or a cherry bakewell or something then I don’t care what the rest of it is like.

its like the disneyland of service stations. fucking love it.

Tebay North
Tebay South
Leigh Delamere (rocketed up the table due to decent baby changing facilities)
Stafford North

Most visited

  1. Warwick North
  2. Stafford North
  3. Chievely

I’ve always liked Oxford services.

I live three miles from Clacket Lane, which is good as it means I’ve got no reason to stop there.

Most petrol pumps of any station in the UK. Yeah boiiii!!!


is anyone able to identify a service station that has like a bridge across the motorway with restaurants INSIDE the bridge? I remember going under it many times on trips up to Liverpool in the late 90s.

Newport Pagnell?

Hate that run of services on the M6


Awful stuff all round really

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nah, was more of a seating area than a walkway



Which is the slightly posh one on the M5 with the farmers market and the Teletubby roof?

That looked quite impressive, but tbh all I’m ever looking for out of a service station is somewhere to use the toilet and maybe somewhere to buy a bag of crisps.

Oh and ideally a location that’s not too far from the motorway. There’s another one on the M5 (Bridgwater maybe?) which is halfway to Exmoor.

Made so much worse by the 50 mile an hour zone that has been there FOREVER

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yep, thats it!

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