Service Stations (polls/chat/definitive)

Remind me to never ask you for directions.

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motor heads only in here please.

Charnock Richard and Corley either side of that bunch are decent though.

Both Welcome Breaks, I think - Reckon they’re by far the best of the main service station operators.

Only stopped at Charnock Richard once, earlier this year. Used to do south coast to Blackburn a few times a year and my mum and dad would only ever stop at Stafford North (maybe Sandbach before it opened) so never had a need to stop at CR.

I like a Moto, but Welcome Break have had a decent resurgence in the past 10yrs

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Definitely stopped at one like this on a Glasgow - Warwick route.

Had a burger king.

That’s one of the only motorway services I’ve had to fill the car up at. So so so ruddy expensive


First proper long journey I went on in my own car (Brum - Southampton and back) and the fuel light came on around Banbury on the M40, so ended up stopping at Warwick just for a splash of fuel. £1.68 a litre!

It was 6 or so years ago, when it was £1.40ish a litre at all your normal petrol stations, but still. (Mind you, its not far off that much again now…)

Obviously Tebay is the best one, but living in Brighton I almost never get to go there. On trips north I often stop at Birchanger Green on the M11 next to Stansted, its got a Waitrose and a decent vibe, plus you get to see planes overhead, quite exciting.

Been to Thurrock quite a few times recently though, on the north side of the Dartford Crossing, its comically shit in there, real end times stuff.

Soft spot for Blyth on the A1 too, mainly because I once had a banging corned beef pasty at the Greggs.

Did you go to uni of Wazza?

I remember that one. I can ask my mum as it wasn’t far from us I think.

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Charnock Richard?

No, I went to a work Sports weekend (subsidised piss up) there.

I went University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

My sister went Abers for three weeks, dropped out and brought back three paper bags of shrooms.

So we have that connection.

I, also, went to Warwick Uni conference centre for the assessment centre for my current job but I went by train that time so not appropriate for this thread.

I feel that we are now brothers.

  • Welcome Break
  • Roadchef
  • Extra
  • Moto
  • Quadrant Estates
  • Westmorland
  • Euro Garages

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Welcome Break - The best of the ‘big’ motorway services operators
Extra - Very good, but not many about (only Cambridge, Peterborough and Cobham?)
Westmorland - Very pleasant. Good if you’re feeling a bit fancy.
Euro Garages - Reliable for a Starbucks and/or Subway when you’re on the A roads.

Only 2 of them though, so not exactly a choice

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Fine… They’re very pleasant and good if you’re feeling fancy and heading down the M5 between 11a and 12 or the M6 between 38 and 39.

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Didn’t have you down as the sort of mug who fills up at motorway services, not sure what to believe in anymore