Service stations


What weird behaviour have you seen at the services recently.

I’ve just seen someone put a BLT sandwich pack from WH Smith’s into the microwave for warming baby food


Saw these guys at Clackett Lane. Dressed in their colour coded costumes. I don’t know why.


That sounds like something id do, whilst furtively looking around which would make it even weirder :sweat_smile:


Not behaviour, but I saw this exhibition a couple of years ago. Bloody brilliant


I worked with one of the wiggles at the commonwealth games once. Real nice chap. None of us had ever heard of the wiggles, so we were like “oh cool”. He introduced me to thai green curry. Life changer.


probably so kids can tell them apart.


That’s important while buying sandwiches, for sure.


Method acting?


First Rule of Wiggle Club is… spoiler

Second Rule of Wiggle Club is that Once You’re A Wiggle, You’re a Wiggle 24/7


Would like to see a British road movie unfold in a series of service stations instead of kitsch diners


well kids aren’t gonna care what situation they are in. “look mum it’s the wiggles buying a sandwich !” I salute them for staying in character in the most mundane of situations.


Who the fuck drives for four hours, pulls into take a leak, and then spends £20 on the puggies in the gambling area?


Gambling addicts?


there is a British horror film which involves service stations. Can’t remember what it’s called though


People going to the service station for a day out. Seen this happening at Beaconsfield.


I saw Jarvis Cocker at Reading services once


watch Hush!


saw someone buy an own brand sandwich from Spar once


He’d only just met 'er!


I’ll admit this is a tenuous connection, but necessary to tell the story again. My other half’s belly-dancing teacher once worked on a phone-sex chatline with Po from the Tellytubbies.