Serving suggestions

Flour- sponge cake
Bread- cheese sandwich
Carrots- roast dinner

Cornflakes, bran flakes: try strawberries!

Tennis - underarm or overarm

Cheese on your meatball

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Like a cheeky layer of marmite with cheese on toast

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Cereal, why not try it with milk?
Butter, how about some bread with that?
Apples, you could make them more exciting g by cutting them up and putting jam on them.


Look at this psychopath.

Marmite is the TLJ of the snack world - we all know it’s awesome but some people insist on pretending not to like it for spurious reasons.


Mayo? Simply throw it in the bin


If you are having trouble getting the ball over the net maybe consider underarm

Weetabix- bin

Just reminds me how they’re always joking about eating buttered Weetabix on Athletico Mince. Turns out some people do actually eat it with butter and jam. Freaks

Here! No problems with you knocking TLJ, but you leave coffee out of this!!

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