Set times

this is insipid bollocks right?

idealistically it’s good to encourage people to watch support bands but when you’re an adult with a job and responsibilities i want to fucking decide what time to be there without bands trying to treat me like a baby.

find it a weirdly needy attitude that everyone MUST be there to cheer on the support band. i try to catch supports as much as possible but if i’ve looked them up and they’re shite, or i’m too busy to get there any earlier, then i’m not going to inconvenience myself.

also if you force everyone to get there early then people who have no interest in support bands will just talk through them. if i like the support then i’d rather these people fucked off until later.


I find Slaves deeply annoying and shit, but this is actually quite a decent thing to do


Totally agree

With Icarus that is not the no set times pish.


well it’s decent for their mates in the support bands and annoying and shit for literally everyone else


Nah, post the set times. I’ve got a life to lead.

Also maybe I want to see the support band and leave before your shite.


aye exactly. lots of twats in the replies there suggesting they’re always the same anyway, which is clearly pish. maybe if the only gigs you ever go to are in various O2 Academys (also if they’re always the same then that defeats the purpose of their sentiment)

find a lot of promoters are good for posting them now but some are quite last minute. i get anxious at the idea of turning up too early and having to spend a good hour on my own like a lemon, and it is very offputting. really like how the Olympia Theatre in Dublin post the stage times on the actual website on the gig page so you’re not trying to find who the promoter is and search facebook and twitter.


most frustrating one was over the summer when i went to an all-dayer spread across two venues and they never posted the set times despite numerous requests from people. quite weird.

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Some promoters don’t even bother putting the name of the support out into the public domain let alone set times.

But as others have said, I’ll 99% of the time find out and listen to the support band and make a call as to whether I’ll make the effort to see them.

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Bit abelist as well really not posting them if the information is available. Plenty of legit reasons why people might be unable to last a whole gig until the end if they turn up at doors.


yeah there are a lot of the gigs where they never bother to announce the support in advance, or else announce it like an hour before when they’re posting set times. find this very weird also.

being a promoter looks and sounds like hard work from seeing people i know do it but this is surely the absolute easiest part.

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Don’t think I’ve ever turned up at a gig for doors opening time. It’s an unwritten rule there’s usually about an hour before first band is on.

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The other side of this is that at 34 years old, with a full time job and a family I am definitely not the kind of bitter old bastard any young, excitable support band wants watching them, arms folded, constantly checking the time, replying to work emails, looking generally pretty uninterested. Let me turn up five minutes before the headliner for everyone’s sake.


Also, day festivals, club nights. Missed many a club night because I only want to see one DJ, cba staying for the whole thing and they’ll only show the set times on a poster when you arrive in the club… If you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky you’ll just have no idea who’s playing when.

Set times make gigs better for the punter.


depends, i know venues who have club nights on certain nights of the week so have early gigs on those nights, chuck the support bands on about 15 minutes after doors open and try and get the whole thing wrapped up by 10 so they can get everyone out and let the students in


Sounds ideal, and if I know that information in advance it’s absolutely fine.

yeah they tend to announce it and post set times well in advance which is fine, but shows why set times are important.

i do often miss the supports at those early shows though cos i’m still getting dinner


I’ll almost always turn up for the support band, and would really really rather bands posted set times:

  • I can plan whether I go home and do other things, or stay in town after work and go to the pub
  • My friends with kids can plan babysitting
  • My friends who work long hours know whether they’ll finish in time to see the headliner or not
  • My friends who can’t stand for a whole gig know when they should turn up
  • If I’m going solo I can minimise time standing round on my own like a dickhead
  • Can plan and budget transport (will I need to get a cab? OK, I’ll have to spend less on booze)

(Thank you for coming to my TED Talk)


Yeah dunno what I was thinking tbh, I retract this