Set times



surprised it took so many posts for this suggestion to arrive


Isn’t this the plot to the Queen musical?


Was that with Tilly and FYD too? If not I’ve done it more than once. Also think we did it in Leicester too?


hello boys there’s a change of plan


Dunno but they can definitely get in the bin


Just been to see Wardruna this evening, doors were 7pm, Wardruna on at 8pm, finished by 9:30pm. Some old people ITT have been asking for this sort of thing as standard for mid-week gigs, and I must say I do appreciate being home in time to read some comics before bed. Stage times were published beforehand, it was all good.

But I’ve seen somebody kicking off on Facebook because he drove for three and half hours to get here, didn’t know it was an early do, so got to see about 25 mins of the show. Sucks to be you my man, but there’s times made known beforehand and the tickets didn’t mention any support act.


Went to Bicep tonight in Printworks.
No set times anywhere and missed Overmono when we got in at 8.


Always take bottle tops with you, easy to hide quite inconspicuously (did this going to football all the time when I was younger).


Hmm I’m sure Bicep did post set times this morning? So did the venue:

Meant to be going on Friday but heard they’re on after midnight annoyingly, might have to give it a miss if that’s the case.


i always forget but i will definitely remember next time


Nothing like going past the advanced line up outside a venue for a Manics gig c. 1999


That’s an unfair view, I think: DrownedinSound is a music website and Slaves are a popular band in a genre the DiS actively tends to promote. I think they definitely should follow acts like this although maybe it should be so they see it and respond with, “I’m sorry but this is ableist and unhelpful” rather than “Yeah boi!!!” or whatever.


Well then I stand corrected and saw Overmono who were all build and no show :open_mouth:

But you should go, Bicep were great and with Hammer and Martyn? Can’t miss that!


Used to be standard in the cinema although b-movies being occasionally excellent was obviously a thing too.

I think it’s strange to take the view the support band will be ‘lesser’ though. I doubt a single band you hold in high esteem wasn’t once a support band. They can be great and unless you know you don’t like them I don’t think anyone here is saying to avoid support bands as a rule.


yeah lesser is the wrong word but thought he likely meant “a band that is not the one you’ve actually paid to come and see”


I guess. :man_shrugging:
It’s a bad opinion to agree with by the Dis account and any time I’ve heard opinions from this band they have been bad. And what I’ve heard of their music I consider bad. Fair to say I’m not overly bothered but can see that obviously there’s a clear distinction from the main site which I never really visit and the sensibilities of myself and others who frequent the DiS forum and obvs the Dis twitter account doesn’t consider the taste of Internet random.
Tldr :man_shrugging:
What times the band on?


Man that’s a shame about Overmono. How were Bicep? If Martyn’s on early enough it could be worth the trek still, love his latest album. Just gotta be up so early the next morning that a super late finish isn’t a wise move.


There is surely an argument that set times are good for support bands, as people can ensure they arrive for those too. Are Slaves basically suggesting people only watch support bands as they get to the venue early accidentally through fear of missing out? There are tons of support bands I actually want to see, I am going to try and catch Joyce Manor supporting Basement tomorrow.


Aye, this alone is a bit offensive to a support band. Advertise them – which includes putting out the set times, with the support band listed – and in this day and age, if people like them, and you’ve picked a suitable support for the band, people can easily check them out and come along to see them.


I Don’t think many of us have seen a B Movie in the cinema in our lifetimes! I do admit I was being a needlessly facetious and have seen plenty of good support bands. I just largely agree with the bulk of this thread in which I’d like to have the choice of whether I see them, especially as a long wait before the main act starts to temper my overall enthusiasm. That’s just me though!