Set times


Another argument for set times - I really wanted to see that Joyce Manor support slot but I had tickets to another gig on the same night, if I’d known the set times I could have probably done both


Just tweeted at a promoter for stage times for a show tonight, got a response within 15 minutes will full times :partying_face:


Shout out to Jon at Parallel Lines for also doing this for the Kelly Lee Owens gig I went to last night. He was happy to email back times and was generally super-helpful.


Last night? Last year. Stupid brain.


When did they start doing this?


Texted back to ask what time


That message is so embarrassing it’s making me agree with Slaves


I have literally no idea who the support is so don’t think I’ll bother


But it’s pure fire! :fire:


Yves Tumor is insane live. Enjoy!


insanely bad! (have fun DB)


I’m going for someones birthday so not that bothered


the only time I’ve ever seen him he threw a tantrum about the sound and was chased around the DJ table on stage by a security guard whilst screaming ‘fuck offfffff’ into the mic, like some bizarre benny hill sketch. it was entertaining i guess? but I would assume it was a one off so he may well be on better form tonight i would imagine :slight_smile:


Divisive, would describe the reaction from my mates at Le Guess Who. I loved it though.

He’s playing with a live band tonight, which I haven’t seen before, so that could add something


Jon’s absolutely lovely, he sends bands cool postcards thanking them for playing his shows (one he sent us had Debbie Harry on it)


Stage times shared for tonight’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra show

DOORS: 1930
MUSIC: 2040
CURFEW: 2300



There is a support band


looks like two of them, who’s replacing Jim Morrison?


Someone who’s taken the long road and walked it.


Strong. :clap: