Set times


ok so Im starting a band called curfew then…

edit: too slow :sweat_smile:


A new challenger enters




In the Netherlands, where I live, the ticket comes with doors and stage times for the main or both acts




you only have to think about this for 5 seconds to realise there’s more to people asking for set-times than an unwillingness to ‘support’ bands


So now they’re just going to be inundated with people asking for said set times.

Well done morons


Shows quite a negative view of their support bands too


Reckon it is really all about trapping people to buy drinks for as long as possible


Some guy on that comment thread was saying they only accept a £10 minimum card spend too - printing money (so to speak)


You’ll get no headliner until you finish your support act


God it’s so fucking dumb


i don’t owe the support band anything, just the same as i don’t owe the headliner anything if i’ve paid to see the support band instead. removing the ability to make the decision for yourself as a paying punter is a really shitty move and definitely smacks of trying to force you to empty your wallet.


Their social media guy is a real charmer




Hahaha is it?


“And on MOTD tonight - Man Utd supported by Burnley”
@Scott_Chegg obvs


Yeah this confirms the brexit vibes i get from the 100 club then




I don’t really have a problem with venues trying to get people in early to buy drinks, I can’t imagine it’s easy for independents to stay afloat and I’m sure every little helps. I do, however, have a problem with sanctimonious dickheads proclaiming with a straight face that they’re doing it to support the bands lower down the bill (who’ll probably get paid the same however many people see them).