Set times


Exactly. Sometimes, and I know this is crazy but bear with me, I want to know the set times BECAUSE I want to see the support.


I’m seeing The Limiñanas at The 100 Club on Wednesday. If anyone knows the stage times, let me know please.


thing that annoys me about this is that you always get loads of smug replies from ‘real music fans’ supporting the idea, but who sound like they go to about 4 gigs a year. “Ooh yes if I didn’t get down early to that Razorlight gig I never would have seen Johnny & The Dog Shites who are one of my favourite bands now!”

Ooh well done, but some of us have seen Johnny & The Dog Shites at 3 different local gigs in the last 2 months and they’re shite so you can fuck off pal.


100 Club twitter is just retweeting positive comments.

Absolutely clueless.




same mate, i’m more likely to watch support if i know when they’re on/can avoid standing around feeling self-conscious


So feeble and condescending this ‘real music fans go all night’ stand. We all know how bloody gigs work. Just do your job and tell us when the bands are on. Also sort your fetid bogs out,. Might stay a bit longer then.




always forget how similar aging punks are to edgy teenagers


I can see this going really badly for the 100 Club. As someone who lives outside of London but certainly can consider gigs there as I live in Brighton this decision seems baffling and completely inconsiderate of anyone who doesn’t live local. LONDON IS A BIG PLACE FFS, utter fuck-wits and the social media guy seems like an utter tool.


The responses are basically

“What about people that have work or have to get a babysitter?”
“Real music fans get there for the support!”
“What about people with disabilities who can’t make the whole gig?”
“Real music fans get there for the support!”


I’ve been to two gigs in my life. I saw the support bands both times. I’m the best person.


Please let me know if you find out Wednesday’s stage times. I’ll do likewise.


I often go to gigs on my own, so knowing the set times ahead is really handy. And me getting bored is nothing compared to disability or childcare concerns. Ridiculous for a venue to argue that it’s okay to withhold info about a night of entertainment you’re paying them for, however you might wish to use that info.

Reflecting on this from the responses:

How else are you gonna find your next favourite band?:metal:t4::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:t4:

I’ve seen a lot of support bands and I can think of one time that’s happened, in 2002.


Always assumed they were the same band


Neither have kids?


Has anyone else been to a gig where it’s ambiguous whether there’s even a support act(s). So you assume there is and you arrive at 8.30 or something and it turns out there’s not and you find out you’ve missed all or most of the main act? Happened once and it felt like the biggest waste of time ever


"Real music fans get there for the support!” … and then stand around drinking beer and chatting loudly because they’re not actually interested in the band that’s playing. What’s the point in that? (sanctimonious twits).


aye there are promoters here who don’t announce a support band until that afternoon, if ever. find it very strange, really.

i’ve usually got there in time to either see the main act start early or see a support without having a clue who they are at any point in the set.


I think I’ll ask at the box office at The 100 Club to see if they’ll release the classified information of the stage time of the headline band that I paid to see. Then I’ll go to The Wheatsheaf for a pint.